Who We Are

I am now teaching  in my fully equipped spacious open-aired Oakton  Studio.  It is 16 x 15 feet.   Student and teacher are more  than eight feet apart at all times.  We have windows that can be either open or closed  anytime resulting in a virus free atmosphere.  If this is important to you  Contact Ted at songman@cox.net.  You may have a free inspection and mini-lesson if you like.

A Plus Music Lessons teaches ages 8 + how to skillfully play guitar or drums. We have been teaching all styles and levels for 20+ years in this area. If you are looking for a relaxing hobby or want to find your full potential, we will see you here! We also have guitar rentals available starting from only $15 per month.

Meet new friends in our spacious waiting room! Our music studios and waiting room are among the largest in Vienna and Oakton.

Learn how to play like a PRO in no time! This song is called My Favorite Things and within a few months, you can play this too!  Interested? Contact me.